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DIGITbrain webinar előadásai

April 14. 2022.

A csatolt állományokban találja a 2022. áptilis 12-én tartott vállalkozásfejlesztés közvetlen uniós forrásból webinárium előadásanyagait. >>>

The fifth South Transdanubian Quality Award

October 12. 2006.
The reading committee has visited the scene of the candidates of the STQA 2006. Five applications were received in three categories and they were evaluated and scored by three committees.

RTD cooperation in health industry

March 23. 2006.
A two days conference will be hold with the title "RTD cooperation in health industry" on the 5th and 6th April. The conference is supported by the Hungary for FP6, RegInNet, HealthClusterNet, and the South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Network projects. 

Expectations did not change in the last three months

December 11. 2006.
November was the third month when the value of the seasonally adjusted GKI-Wallis economic sentiment index stagnated. According to the survey of GKI Economic Research Co. (www.gki.hu) - supported by the European Union - this is true for both the consumer and the business confidence indices, although the former tends to deteriorate, while the latter tends to improve.

Pécs Expo 2006

June 12. 2006.
The most important international trade fair of the Southern Transdanubia, Pécs Expo will take place this year in the new Multifunctional Exhibition and Events Center, Expo Center Pécs, on the 27.09-01.10 2006.